Monday, June 1, 2009

One foot forward (then again...)

Day +300

Hello again in blogland.

For the past two weeks I have been back in hospital. Lots of tests but not much in the way of answers from the Docs. My legs feel very weak, especially the right which is giving me a pins and needles sensation. I have a nerve test tomorrow - then hopefully some answers should be forthcoming.

I think they've run out of ideas. They asked me yesterday if I'd been to Africa recently. Doesn't fill you with much confidence does it? They are also hesitant to biopsy the spots on my spine. On the plus side the few days of steroids have now finished - thankfully.

Currently watcing episodes of 'Ever Decreasing Circles' to cheer me up. Richard Briars is a comedy god!

Current Reading: 'Lunar Park' by Bret Easton Ellis
Current Listening:'Insurgentes' by Steven Wilson
Currently Eating: Chicken Crimpy Biscuits


Daria said...

Wow ... wishing you the best.

OzPom said...

Oh Graham - wishing you out of the hospital very soon. Richard is a comedy genius - so true!

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