Sunday, October 19, 2008

Melbourne here we come!

Yes, we've been given the all clear to head home. November 3rd looks like the date we will leave. The hospital fees have been well above what we expected so the chance to get back in case of any future complications is something we have to take advantage of now. Sam has organised a raffle to raise more funds, check out the web site for details. We have been very fortunate with the donation of prizes. People have been very generous yet again.

I have a week of tests coming up including a final bone marrow biopsy on Tuesday. Still not allowed to eat so hoping as the diarrhoea has decreased, they will allow me back on solids this week. We meet the nutritionist again tomorrow so fingers crossed.

We will miss Seattle, it's a great city surrounded by great parks and views and filled with friendly people, though looking forward to seeing the house and the dogs again, though not the mess they've no doubt created in the back yard!

Current Reading: 'The Honourable Schoolboy' by John Le Carre (this may take some time)
Current Listening: 'Forth' by The Verve (10 years in the waiting!)
Currently Eating: A BLT (in my dreams!)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh release me let me go...

Day +68

Back home again - well the apartment anyway. A comfy bed and screaming banshees, what more can you want? I was discharged on Thursay from hospital. I was thoroughly fed up of being inside especially when they are just monitoring moi poo.

Anyway, things have really improved. I've been slightly energised, not quite up to the duracell bunny standard, but I can walk to the clinic and around the supermarket without too much difficulty.

Two weeks left of election coverage. Thankfully! Hopefully all the dirt will be exposed - what there is of it (Obama ran over my dog/McCain has missed a mortgage payment).

The kids have enjoyed getting ready for Halloween. Sam has carved a couple of pumpkins for them. We have spiders and webs ready to go, plus a green hand in a candy bowl who asks if you "Want some candy?". It looks like Jack has chosen to be a skeleton and Poppy a witch. We are going to a friends house in the suburbs so the kids get the full American experience (plus, we love their company - our friends not the kids).

We had a very nice suprise visit from our saviour Alastair Clarkson on Sunday. He is over in the States for a professional development trip. So he came up to Seattle to catch some Seahawks games before he heads to Chicago ("how about those Bears?"). He popped into the clinic along with Hawthorn Captain Sam Mitchell to see us before they leave tomorrow. Imagine a UK premier league soccer player doing the same, they'd be too busy getting their hair done or some boutique shopping.

Current Reading: 'The Honourable Schoolboy' by John Le Carre
Current Listening: 'Endless Wire' by The Who
Currently Eating: "No food for you!"

Friday, October 3, 2008

Release is imminent!

Day +58

Things have improved so much that it looks like I should be released (it feels like that after 3 weeks) on Sunday - whoo-hoo! Can't wait to get back to the apartment and a comfy bed. I'm allowed food again, some rice and a banana. Can't eat much of it though as the gut has to get used to processing food again. I keep seeing all these ads on TV for pizza, deep fried shrimp etc - it's torture. No fat, dairy or fibre (Mmm..I thought rice and bananas contained fibre?) allowed for a while, not sure what's left...gruel maybe.

Been enjoying Season 3 of 'The Wire'. HBO seem to have the best writers, directors and actors available at the moment. I thought it would be a while until a show came along that's quite as impressive as 'The Sopranos'. Thanks to Netflix, Season 4 should be arriving asap. I need to scratch that 'Wire' itch.