Friday, April 25, 2008

Vol 1, No.1

After a relatively easy flight from Melbourne to LA (and catching up on three films on my must see list: 'There will be Blood', 'Atonement' and 'No Country for Old Men') we arrived in Seattle. Though our bags arrived on the following Seattle flight?!? Most odd. We were then offered our first ever free taxi ride by 'Happy' from the Sudan. And, no, we didn't accept his generosity!

Anyway, let's get up to speed...

We seem to have had a productive week so far. Meeting the doctors concerned with my case. Blood tests, health check-up's and today a bone marrow biopsy which, thankfully, was far less painful than last time around. So early next week we will know if I am still in remission and if we can go ahead with the operation. If not, we will look at other options. The blood results are looking good though so I am hopeful we can proceed as planned. Next week is more tests and meetings concerning nutrition, food handling etc...

Seattle is very impressive so far. Really enjoying being here. I think the fact that I feel so confident in everyone I have met so far is making me feel very much at ease. The hospital is incredibly efficient, organised and obsessive about cleanliness. The people you meet are very friendly. The food is very good and the coffee very strong.

We have a free weekend with no hospital appointments. So I think a visit to Pike Place Market is in order (oldest market in the US and more exciting that it sounds), which is a labyrinth of stalls, shops, cafes etc, along with a visit to the Experience Museum. Designed by Frank Gehry and dedicated to Seattle's most famous son - not the suicidal one with the harpy wife, rather - the genius of James M. Hendrix. I see there's Hendrix karaoke so may have to embarass Sam with a rendition of Foxy Lady, then again...

Current Reading: 'I Me Mine' by George Harrison
Current Listening: 'Pocket Symphony' by AIR
Currently Eating: Honey roasted cashew nuts