Wednesday, April 29, 2009

'Exceedingly good cakes'

Day +268

Been a bit quiet in the blogging department as not a great deal has been happening recently. We packed the kids off to Sam's mum's farm for a week. This gave us a chance to get out to the movies and a restaurant (Gran Torino and Chinese food respectively). Plus, the house stayed clean and tidy for a week - I wonder why?

This week though the good news is that one of my IV antifungals is no more (caspofungin)- hoo-bloody-ray! Also, my steroids (prednisilone) finish next week. They have weakened my body so much it will be a huge relief to get off the damnn little white things (I have the physique of Gollum at the moment). I have appointments next week for a Broncoscopy and an MRI to check out my lungs and back (which has been sore for weeks). Both are on the same day. I also started visiting a physio this week. She was quite gentle with me...I think this approach may change; especially if I get Helga from Bavaria next week.

I also saw the eye specialists this week and they were very happy. No more spots behind the eye, only scar tissue is visible. I was told that I am one of the few people in the world to have survived this fungus - well that certainly puts things in perspective, probably 'too much' as Derek Smalls would remark.

One of the highlights of this week was finding Mr Kipling cakes from the UK in the supermarket: Cherry Bakewells, Battenburg, Bramley Apple pies - fantastic. The lowlight was a bout of food poisoning (no, not from the cakes!) especially when I cooked the meal in the first place! Thankfully no-one else was affected (they avoided the sausage with the roast chicken). Quite an innocent looking banger I thought as it went in the oven with the chook. Alas, evil was lurking within.

Current Reading: 'Making Friends with Hitler...Britain's Road to War' by Ian Kershaw
Current Listening: 'The New Normal' by Cog (Bondi's finest)
Currently Eating: Cherry Bakewell (with a cup of Earl Grey, naturally)


Anonymous said...

Good to read that your health is slowly but surely returning. I have followed your journey since before you went to the States - I follow your blog via Google Reader. My Dad was diagnosed with AML the same time as you, and was also at the Alfred. He never made it into remission unfortunately. Not so for you though! Stay well Graham.

D said...

Hi Graham, Great to hear that your getting there :)
I was a student teacher at St.Leonard's College in Melb at the beginning of last year, and was touched by your story and really felt for you and your family...I believe a friend of yours was selling yoyos at the school at the time. Well! not only did I buy a million of them, but she gave me the recipe and I now make them all the time. Every time I make them now, I can't help but wonder how you are going. Really great to hear that things are looking up :)
Cheers, D

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Great Blog! Hang in there. I am five years out on my transplant. I have added you to my blogroll = Cancer Blog Links at
Take care, dennis