Monday, March 16, 2009

Family of Badgers

Day +223

Hello again out there in blogland. Had a very busy day at the Alfred Hospital yesterday - lots of x-rays for both my back and right knee. At least I'm down to two days a week (Mon & Fri) visits to the hospital from this week. Let's hope the anti-biotics start to reduce as well. They are tapering the steroids, which have wasted my muscle mass, so hopefully I can start gaining some weight. Talk about baggy trousers; I could get a family of badgers down my jeans quite comfortably!

Looking forward to Hawthorn's first game of the season next weekend against Geelong. Also, great to see England crush France in the Six Nations rugby.

Current Reading: Lawrence of Arabia:'The Life, the Legend' by Malcolm Brown
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OzPom said...

yes the crushing of the frogs was most heartening - especially after our dire playing in the previous outings... honestly frilly girls knickers could have played better rugby in some of the other games!!
hope the badgers soon have to find a new home as you fatten up!